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ATP Curriculum
Focused Training, Better Development

Dynamo Soccer Club’s Advanced Training Program practices twice a week during the season, on Mondays and Fridays.  Practice sessions are age appropriate, designed to bring out specific responses from players, focused on topics that are developmental in nature, and utilize game-like activities to allow players to learn at their own pace.  Training sessions build on one another, and every player is encouraged to attend all sessions to maximize their experience. 

The ATP Program provides the best possible learning environment for children, allowing them to learn, grow and experience the game for themselves.  ATP coaches are encouraged to teach technique and tactics in dynamic and fun ways, ways that hold young children’s attention and allow them to learn and develop faster.  Below are the areas that Advanced Training Program coaches focus on during their practices:

  • Technique: Footwork, dribbling, passing, receiving, and shooting.  Great technique separates the great players from the good players, and good technique separates the good players from everyone else.  Dynamo Soccer Club’s ATP Program is designed to focus on our players’ technique, and to improve this vital platform from which all great players grow and develop.
  • Dutch Footwork: Dutch footwork training is used worldwide to improve footwork and develop players.  This training focuses on skills and physical training that players of all ages can use to improve their performances.  The training serves as the base for our technical training, and all players will be asked and expected to perform basic footwork skills.
  • Juggling: One of the best ways to work on ball control and mastery, juggling allows players to develop a relationship with their ball and to improve their receiving technique.
  • Quality Repetitions: Everyone knows about the old school soccer drills, everyone in a line performing a technique once and then waiting for their turn again.  But how much does that actually teach your child?  Research tells us that in reality, old school drills are not the best way for your child to develop.  The idea behind the ATP Program’s Quality Repetitions is that our players will be taught techniques in dynamic and active ways.  ATP coaches will use game-like activities rather than drills to promote player development and learning.
  • Small Sided Games: Small sided games are the best way to introduce tactical concepts to young players before they participate in full sided contests.  Small sided games allow players to experience the game for themselves, and to express themselves in a safe and supportive enviornment.  These games also allow ATP coaches to affect match conditions to bring out different responses in players that relate to the focus of each training session.
  • Contests and Competitions: ATP players will be participating alongside players similar to them in skill level.  This allows ATP coaches to use more contests and competitions between players and groups of players, all aimed at improving individual skill and promoting creativity. 
  • Homework: ATP players will be given homework frequently throughout the season.  This homework is expected to be completed, and can be anything from juggling homework to written homework about the sport of soccer.
  • Player and Parent Education: Dynamo Soccer Club’s ATP Program encourages parents to get involved in their child’s soccer education.  We want parents to take an active interest in learning about the game and how they can help their child get the most out of their ATP experience.  If parents have questions about the ATP program, they should contact the ATP Director.

Dynamo Soccer Club’s Advanced Training Program wants to create better players, better people, and better students of the game.  It is our objective to help your child be the best player possible, and to give them the tools they need to succeed in the world of soccer.  Together, we want to do our part to help U.S. Soccer develop the best players possible, and to one day be viewed as the best soccer nation in the world.


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