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Player and Parent Education
Dynamo Soccer Club's Academy Program Philosophy

The education of Dynamo Soccer Club’s players is of the utmost importance to the Academy Program staff.  The Academy Program focuses on educating our players through a curriculum of technical and tactical instruction, and focuses on educating our Academy parents through involvement in the program and informative articles and videos. 

Below you will find useful information and links that should be beneficial to our players and parents, and reflect the emphasis of our Academy Program practices and coaching philosophy.

Educational Videos for Players

Instep Drive Dribbling for Control
Receiving with the Thigh and Foot

Step Over Turn Move

How to Defend Improving Passing Accuracy
Learn to Play the Brazilian Way Coerver Make Your Move
Coerver Change of Direction Coerver Passing and Receiving
Coerver 1 v 1 Moves Coerver Ball Mastery
John Farnsworth Soccer Skills Homework

These are just a few of the many videos out there!  Get with your parents and search YouTube together.  Videos are a great way to see the new skills you want to learn!

Informative Articles for Parents

Expectations vs Scholarships Player Development in the United States
Through a Child’s Eyes Learning vs Winning
Positive Parenting for Youth Soccer Player Motivation
Positive Coaching Alliance Parent Games
Importance of Winning Player Development vs Team Performance
How to Keep Emotional Tanks Full Parents on the Other Side
What Other Parents Want You to Know National Youth License Ethics




Again, these are just a few of the articles out there on how parents can help their players develop.  Dynamo Soccer Club’s Academy Program promotes the clubs "Family Friendly" atmosphere, and we want your experience to be as beneficial as your child’s.  Our goal is to make Dynamo Soccer Club’s players and parents lifelong fans of the game.  Together we can help create the best soccer culture in Virginia right here in Hanover!


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