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Excellent Coaches Developing Elite Players

Erick Wasson - ATP Director
USSF D License, NSCAA Goalkeeping Level 1 Diploma

Erick joined Dynamo Soccer Club in 2007.  He has experience coaching Recreational, ATP, and Travel where he most recently contributed as an Age Coordinator.  Erick is excited to be our ATP Director because he brings with him a love of the game both as a coach and a Dynamo parent.

Jym Coleman - U9 Boys ATP
USSF D License
Jym joined the ATP staff prior to the Fall 2011 season.  Having spent years as a player, referee and coach, Jym’s experience has proven to be wonderful for our U9 boys.  We are very lucky to have Jym coaching in ATP!

Brian Byrd - U9 Girls ATP
USSF E License
Brian contunues to work with our U9 Girls this season.  He continues to help them build confidence on the ball as individuals and working as a team to promote success on the field.  His experience as a player, referee, and coach has proven to be a strong combination to prepare the girls for the jump to travel next season.   

Justin Kirby - U7/U8 Girls ATP
USSF E License
Justin joined the ATP staff while interning with Dynamo Soccer Club during the summer of 2011.  Also experienced with our U4 program out of King William, Justin continues to coach in our ATP program.  We are looking forward to continued great things from Justin!

Randy Hardman - U7 Boys ATP
USSF E License
Randy joined the ATP staff this season and has he made a huge impact in the short time.  The girls are listening and taking his direction extremely well.  They play well as a team and support one another.  I hear them using Soccer terms and actually apply what they have learned in training sessions.  We are looking forward to continued success from Randy’s team with his guidance.

Catherine James - U9 Boys ATP
USSF E License
Catherine joined the ATP staff this season and has proven to be a strong addition.  She is very knowledgable about the game and wants the boys to gain success through action.  I know that Catherine will help her team continue to grow with every session and game and we look forward to seeing this growth as people and players.

Ron Benson - U9 Boys ATP
USSF E License
Ron continues to be a strong asset to the ATP Program and Dynamo Soccer Club.  His teams receive the highest level of coaching while breaking everything down in the simplest terms.  This has been great to see because his team always seems to excel at a much faster rate.  I know that it is related to Ron’s methods and psychological support that he provides his players.  Thank you Ron for your continued excellence!

Bill Galespie - U8 Boys ATP
USSF E License
Bill continues to impress all of us in the ATP Program.  He brings a level of experience to the players that is hard to find.  His dedication and knowledge of the game has proven to be a strength in the way that he coaches his players.  The boys respond to him and they want to do well when they are playing for him.  This has been very nice to see and I know that this will continue as he moves up in age next season.

Robert Edwards - U8 Boys ATP
USSF E License
Robert has joined the ATP ranks this season and has proven to be a wonderful addition to the staff.  His attention to detail during the training sessions is impressive and this has translated nicely to the games. His players are working well as a team and they are grasping key foundations that will help them build on their success within the program.  Keep up the great work Robert !



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