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Sample Training Sessions

Please see below for a collection of sample training sessions put together by the Director of Coaching, and other members of the Dynamo Travel coaching staff. These sessions are reflective of our training philosophy, and should give parents an idea of some of the things their team may be working on throughout the season. This page will be updated from time to time with new sessions as they are formulated and conducted with different teams.

Dynamo Travel Sessions by Age Group Range
U10-U12 U13-U18
Technical Passing and Directional Receiving 1v1 Defending and Situational Play
Technical Passing and Possession Play Changing the Point of the Attack
Possession to Create Width Combination Play
Playing into and off of Target Forwards
Increasing Tactical Speed of Play
Changing Point of the Attack in a 1-4-3-3

In addition to the above sessions created by Dynamo's Technical and Coaching Staff, please find additional training sessions from outside sources below. These sessions have been selected for their relevance to the needs of Dynamo's players, and are also potential sources of training material for our travel teams during the course of the season.

Additional Sessions by Age Group Range
U10-U12 U13-U18
Dribbling to Beat an Opponent Attacking Movements off the Ball
1v1 Attacking and Beating an Opponent Flank Play and Attacking Runs
Positive and Creative Dribbling
Short Technical Passing

It is important to remember that every teams' needs are different and that Dynamo Coaches are asked to focus their training on the areas they determine most appropriate. The factors affecting this decision are the technical and tactical skill level of the team as a whole, the imposed demands of the teams' opposition (both short term and long term), and on the development pathway prescribed by the Director of Coaching.

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