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Recreation Game Rules

U5 &U6 Rules (3-v-3)

U5 & U6 League Features
- Field size is 20 yards by 30 yards
- 4'x6' goals with no goalkeeper
- No standings or scores are recorded
- 8 minute quarters

Player Eligibility: Each player must be registered with Dynamo Soccer Club and can only be registered to one recreational team or program.  Players who are registered Travel Players with Virginia Youth Soccer Association, may not play on a Dynamo Soccer Club Team.

Number of Players: Each team has a maximum of 6 players. Teams play 3-v-3 games so that each player can be involved as much as possible and have more touches on the ball. Teams are encouraged to play down a player if their team is winning by 5 goals or more.

Positioning: Field Players

Goalkeeper: None, Players are not allowed to stand in their defensive goal mouth (or arch) and defend the goal.

Referees: Coaches are to referee the game.  Each team is allowed to have one coach on the field to assist the players and be the official of the game.

Playing Time: There is a minimum of two quarters playing time for each player.

Game Length: Each game is divided into four quarters, 8 minutes in length. There is a 2 minute rest period between quarters and 5 minutes at halftime.

Ball size: Size 3

Throw-ins: Throw-ins are taken when the opposing team kicks the ball across one of the sidelines. The player taking the throw in must keep both feet on the ground when the ball is thrown and both hands must deliver the ball from behind and over his/her head in a continuous forward motion.

Goal kicks: Goal kicks are taken when the opposing team kicks the ball across the defending team's end-line. The opposing team must stand behind the midfield line while the kick is taken. The team kicking the ball may stand where they choose.  Once the kick is taken the game is live.

Corner Kicks: Corner kicks are taken when the ball crosses the end-line and is last touched by a member on the defending team.

Fouls: Fouls such as handballs, tripping and pushing will occasionally occur, usually unintentionally. If an obvious foul occurs (at the discretion of the referee) then a direct free kick will be awarded.

Heading: If the ball hits a player in the head accidentally, play will be stopped and restarted with a drop-ball. If a player uses their head purposefully to hit the ball, play will stop and be restarted with a free kick for the opposing team.

Off-side: Not applicable.

Penalty Kicks: None 



Field Status

Open Open

Pole Green Park (11:18 AM | 05/21/18)

Open Open

Courthouse Park (02:42 PM | 05/29/18)

Open Open

Taylor Park (11:18 AM | 05/21/18)