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Travel Coaches

Dynamo Soccer Club has an extensive professional coaching staff.  Many have played collegiately, coached collegiately, and some have played professionally.  Dynamo prides itself on having a diverse and experienced staff that is license and qualified in the latest youth development techniques.

The coaching staff works from a curriculum delivered at the grass roots level by the Director of Coaching.  Dynamo is developing players through a consistent soccer environment where players can learn and thrive.  

There are three primary objectives in our player development structure:

  1. To develop quality people who exhibit examples of leadership, responsibility, honesty, accountability and sportsmanship
  2. To develop quality players that demonstrate clean technique and skills, quick and creative decisions, and an understanding of the game of soccer. 
  3. To win in all areas of life, without sacrificing or ignoring the first two objectives.

All of our coaches are placed in our program because they have an immense amount of soccer knowledge to give back to the children who participate in the game.  Coaches are typically placed with teams for 2 seasons only and then teams are passed on to other coaches.  Dynamo truly believes it "takes a village to raise a child".  The Dynamo Travel staff works within our curriculum and club philosophy.

Here are our current pool of coaches:

Shawn Martin - USSF A License, United Soccer Coaches Premier Diploma 
Tommy Hagarty - USSF B License
Josh Addison - USSF C License, United Soccer Coaches Premier Diploma
Julian Khalili - USSF E License, United Soccer Coaches National Diploma
Ron Tiemann - USSF E License, United Soccer Coaches Goalkeeper 2 Diploma
Eric Hetzer - USSF D License
Madison Urie - USSF D License
Brian Siegman - USSF E License
Nathan Lane - USSF E License
PJ Odonnell - USSF F License
Alex Kniffin - USSF E License       
Nick Hudson - USSF E License
Raul Marroquin - USSF E License
Dean Bryant - USSF F License                                          

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